Economic Impact Studies

This is a core service with significant demand from clients. WEG’s Economic Impact Studies quantify the importance of your business activities or project. We estimate the influence or effect that your business, investment or specific project has on the community, city, region or state, focusing on jobs created, labor income, value added, and fiscal contributions to both governments and communities of local, county, state and national levels. 

Usefulness of Economic Impact Studies:

  • For public relations, investor relations, governmental advocacy, community relations and business development needs for your clients.
  • The Economic Impact Studies can also be presented by our WEG Team of Economists to your clients for business development purposes. Our 30 years of service provides a significant amount of credibility to your efforts.
  • The economic impact estimates that are provided by WEG’s Economic Impact Studies lend important and credible support to your investment or business decision from an economic impact perspective. WEG quantifies both direct and indirect economic benefits from your business activity. This is the best way to highlight the importance of your business, your business expansion plans, investment or your specific project.

WEG’s team of economic experts uses these guidelines for your customer experience:

  • Initial session with the client to assess objectives of the study.
  • Calculation of multiplier impacts of client operations on the market area served such as output, income, jobs and induced tax revenues, utilizing professionally accepted methodologies.
  • An assessment of external benefits to the market area studied, as a result of project's activities that are not quantifiable, such as quality of life issues, building and enhancing a skilled labor force, expansion of the technology frontier and other specific attributes of the client.
  • Expert testimony to internal or external constituencies on the results of the project. These customized presentation may include external constituencies of the firm, congressional or legislative bodies, commissions, executive branch officials at both the federal or State of Florida levels, as well as media interviews and articles favorable to the client.  

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The Economic Impact of Sports Recreation Activities in Florida, July 2005

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