Samples of Economic Development and Economic Impact Studies

Best Choice for Retiring Boomers: Head South - An Analysis of Selected U.S. Cities. April 2012

A White Paper analysis of trends and preferences which indicated that the tens of millions of Baby Boomers who are searching for the ideal place to retire should look to Southern college towns for the best combination of climate, cost of living, health care and other top priorities. The WEG White Paper presented a comparison of 20 prospective ideal “Boomer” retirement communities.  Florida’s capital city of Tallahassee, ranked number one in the country. The WEG White Paper builds on the first major survey in 10 years of retirement relocation preferences, which was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

WEG White Paper Tallahaseee 4-16-12

The Economic Impacts of the Florida Marlins on the City of Miami: Development and Recurring Phases - January 2009

The Washington Economics Group prepared the economic impacts of the Florida Marlins’ new ballpark on the City of Miami during both the development of the new stadium and during the ongoing operations of the new baseball stadium in the City of Miami. The Study found that the development of the ballpark in the specific location that was studied would generate significant quantifiable economic impacts in terms of jobs supported, Labor Income generated and public revenues for local governments. The economic impacts were estimated utilizing the professionally accepted and widely used IMPLAN methodology. The WEG Study was instrumental in securing the Major Use Special Permit (MUSP) with the City of Miami.


Florida Marlins City of Miami Impact Analysis- 01-28-09

The Economic Impacts of Delays in Civil Trials in Florida's State Courts due to Under-funding - February 2009

Due to significant increases in the number of foreclosure cases filed in the State of Florida, the court caseload throughout the State grew dramatically and, as a result, created growing backlogs within Florida’s court system.  Because of this, the Florida Bar retained WEG in 2008 to estimate and analyze the costs and adverse economic impacts associated with court delays. WEG’s analysis found that the added expenditures required as a result of delays associated with court delays in Florida were generating economic impacts that extended beyond those directly related to the delays in the legal process. The Study also provided recommendations for Best Practices in funding mechanisms for State court systems. 

Florida Bar Economic Impact Study-02-09

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