The Washington Economics Group

BayCare Thrives as a Powerful Economic Engine with an annual $8.5 Billion Impact in Florida

BayCare Health Systems continues to grow as a powerful economic engine with an $8.5 billion annual impact in the state of Florida, according to a study from The Washington Economics Group (WEG). That economic impact is 29 percent higher than just four years ago. WEG, a Miami-based economics consulting firm, analyzed BayCare’s 2019 activities on operating and capital expenditures, patient care, community benefit, contributions to taxes, employment and salaries. The data analysis showed a significant increase in annual economic impacts compared to a 2016 report across all activities.With more than 29,000 team members, BayCare is one of the largest employers in West Central Florida, fueling $3 billion in household income annually, the study shows. This economic impact makes BayCare a leading contributor of economic activity, overall employment and household income for the state. Read more

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