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Tony Villamil interviewed by Palm Beach Post on Florida’s Employment Picture

March 30, 2012 –

In the March 30th issue of the Palm Beach Post, Tony Villamil, WEG’s Principal Economic Advisor and St. Thomas University’s School of Business Dean, was interviewed by Palm Beach Post writer, Emily Roach. On the state’s employment outlook, Villamil said, “we should be producing on a historical basis 200,000 to 250,000 jobs a year, and we’re producing 70,000.” However he also pointed out that such areas of the state are doing better than others such as the “metropolitan areas around international airports and ports such as Miami, Tampa and Orlando,” adding that “overall there’s some improvement, but we still have the issue of the foreclosures, short sales, the slow economic recovery nationwide that is putting us below the usual recovery path.”

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