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Trade War Thrusts South Florida Businesses into Uncertainty: A Questions of Survival

Port of Miami
Port of Miami

In an article published by Sun-Sentinel on May 15, 2019, David Lyons interviewed Tony Villamil, a long-time economist who heads The Washington Economics Group, Inc. (WEG) of Coral Gables.  During his interview, Villamil called the trade warfare “very short-slighted policy. The two largest economies in the world should work this out.”  

The irony is that many business operators and economists agree with the administration that China is a longtime practitioner of unfair trade that steals intellectual property and U.S. technologies. 

“China is not a fair trader and it is important to point that out.”  But an economic slowdown is in the offing worldwide, Villamil warned, citing a report by the International Monetary Fund.  “And eventually, this will hit us on this side.”  Read more

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