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WEG Study Quoted in the Miami Herald by Keiser University Chancellor

In the Letter to the Editor section of the Miami Herald, Arthur Keiser, Chancellor of Keiser University expressed his concern over recent negative reports on America’s private sector colleges and universities. Citing tuition disparities at publicly-subsidized and non-subsidized private colleges and universities, Keiser said that the report, “failed to take into account the large subsidies of direct educational costs and capital investments in the public sector.” Adding that in the 2007 The Washington Economics Group (WEG) Study, “a reasonable estimate of the average cost per student, including the capital costs in public schools is $7,950 per full time equivalent. The comparable costs at Keiser are approximately $7,800 per FTE making it less expensive than public education, not more.” Keiser University is the State of Florida’s top producer in associate graduates in health professions, computer and information sciences, criminal justice and homeland security.

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