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Tony Villamil Quoted in Sun-Sentinel on Florida Construction Jobs

As Florida leads the nation in new construction jobs, the Sun-Sentinel interviews Tony Villamil, WEG Founder and Principal, to add his perspective on the industry’s growth. Tony says, “We’re not at the 2006 peak, but maybe we shouldn’t be… The increases are healthier than the speculative increases we saw through 2004 to 2006.” According to the article, Florida added 10.4 percent or 40,100 jobs in October 2014 compared to last year. In Miami-Dade County alone, the number of construction jobs increased by 12.3 percent or 4,400 new jobs. This is the largest growth in Florida. The article also stated that construction jobs in Palm Beach County was up by 2,100 jobs or  7.6 percent, and Broward County increased construction jobs by 1,700 jobs or 4.9 percent since October 2013. Tony added that, “We’re starting to attract younger millennials. Broward is having success in corporate headquarters. This all increases the demand for apartments and good housing.”  Read full article

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