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WEG Founder and Principal Advisor Participates in Quarterly Business Advisory Board

As a member of the Daily Business Review’s Business (DBR) Advisory Board, WEG Founder and Principal Advisor and Dean of School of Business at St. Thomas University, Tony Villamil, participated in the March 25th meeting of the Advisory Board. DBR convened their group of 10 top professionals to discuss federal budget cuts, an improving, but tough lending climate and Latin America’s growing influence in South Florida.  On the topic of talent in the 21st Century, Villamil said that “there is a mismatch between the needs in technology and knowledge-based economy and the pool of labor,” adding that “in banking, we are fighting to get additional credit officers.”  The conversation moved to the Latin American economy and how it impacts South Florida. Tony Villamil noted that “Latin America is experiencing a growth rate of 3 percent to 3.5 percent while Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica doing well.”  The March 25th Business Advisory Board meeting was covered in the April 8th issue of the Daily Business Review.

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