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WEG Founder and Principal Gave a Forecast of the Tallahassee Area Economy

Tony Villamil, Founder and Principal Advisor of The Washington Economics Group and Dean of School of Business at St. Thomas University, characterized the Tallahassee area as an “emerging economy” during a presentation in Tallahassee on Tuesday at a luncheon sponsored by Capital City Bank and Sachs Media Group. The event which featured Villamil as the Keynote Speaker was covered by Dave Hodges from The Tallahassee Democrat, and focused on the US, Florida and Tallahassee regions. Overall, Villamil said the “Tallahassee region – the Capital Region – is doing much better than the nation and is also starting to emerge as a key area relative to economic diversification” adding that the Tallahassee region also has a “higher education corridor in terms of talent creation and entrepreneurship, which is very important.” 

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