The Washington Economics Group

WEG Study Finds USF Has Heavy Impact on Local Economy

USF research may have a $400 million reach into the Florida economy, according to an impact report from The Washington Economic Group. The economic impact report done by the Washington Economic Group, a third-party organization that looks at the impact of different organizations in different areas, shows that the USF Innovation Enterprise has an almost $400 million annual impact on the Florida economy each year. The Innovation Enterprise is made up of the USF Research Park and the work that goes on in it, as well as the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator (TBTI), according to Senior Vice President of Research Paul Sanberg. The $400 million number comes from the evaluation of multiple different factors. The impact looks at average salary jobs created by the different entities in the enterprise. The report found that they were knowledge-based jobs that were fairly high paying. Read more.

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