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WEG Founder Comments on Florida May’s Employment Report

In the May employment report released by the State of Florida on June 21st, unemployment continues to decline, but for discouraging reasons. Tony Villamil, WEG Founder and Principal Advisor and Dean of School of Business at St. Thomas University, was interviewed by Doug Hanks of the Miami Herald on the continuing trends at this mid-point of 2013.  While wholesale trade continues to be a strong source of growth for Miami-Dade according to the article, “Brazil’s cooling economy and parts of Europe in a recession, some analysts worry that harder gains to come from the region’s ports and warehouses.” On this, Villamil said that “when the global economy slows, we (Miami-Dade) slows.”  Also, according to Tony, the reason is simple! “A lull in Miami-Dade’s hiring rebound.”

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